Maggie Piper is exactly one year away from her 40th birthday and she feels no different from when she was 29. She’s in a great relationship which is moving in the direction it should be, but is she settling? or is this what she really wants? What if there is something better out there? When a conversation goes where she did not expect, she finds herself single again and she is trying to figure out what she wants before it’s too late!  So many women go through this same plight at some time in their life, wondering if we’re settling, we see the days and years pass so quickly wondering if we will find the one and when we feel time is running out? Sometimes we marry the next thing that comes along and realize years later that we’ve made a mess of everything and other lives are affected and then all hell breaks loose, but I digress… All this to say, this was a great emotional story, with some honest to goodness insight and wisdom! Don’t let other people make you feel bad for wanting to be happy with the right person!