Tales from the Laundry Pile (Boxwood Hills)

Tales from the Laundry Pile - Kathleen Kole I received a copy of Tales from the Laundry Pile by Kathleen Kole in exchange for an honest review.

Claire, her husband and twin boys have moved back to their hometown of Boxwood Hills, which is something she never thought they’d do. The characters she comes face to face with on a daily basis makes for a very interesting life for sure, not the least of those being her own mother and the in-laws.

This book totally depicts the sometimes obsessive behavior some of us parents feel and the craziness that comes with raising children and the worry about the “what ifs”. The funny, colorful characters on a busy street make for a hugely entertaining read. We find friendship and support in the most unsuspecting places and most of us moms understand each other more that we realize.