I received a copy of Meltdown by Tara Thompson in exchange for an honest review.
This book is about four individuals whose lives connect at some point and who also know each other, a supermodel, Nyssa, from questionable background who wants nothing to do with her past, an oil baron, Steve, whose carrying his father’s legacy and a self-made billionaire, Demetri whose moving from his past to Aislinn, a super intelligent Wall Street banker.
I thought this book was awesome, my favorite character was Aislinn. She was the least superficial of the four. The characters were all thought out and they are each strong in their own way, Steve for me was selfish, yep that’s what I said, and Demetri being self-made had all the qualities and inner strength that made him who he is. Nyssa, boy what a past she had, she overcame many things to have the success she now could enjoy, but was she really happy or just scared to be found a fraud.
A recommended read, most of the characters had to overcome many obstacles to be as successful as they were and this book shows that hard work really does pay off.