The Blasphemy Box - Mandy Behbehani I received a copy of The Blasphemy Box by Mandy Behbehani in exchange for an honest review.
Maddy has what she thinks is a great life – her lifestyle, husband and three children is what she wants from life. However, her husband Steven decides that the life he has with Maddy is not what he wants, and decides he’s going to start a new life with a younger woman. Then starts all the changes those of us who are divorced and separated are sure to relate to.
This book has sadness and joy and despair and hope. I liked the idea that Maddy started a blog to reach out to other women who were going through similar issues like she was and to be real, sad to say, the odds that many of us could relate to this book is quite high, either directly or indirectly, this book has the ability to touch many of us. Her character is strong enough to deal with the issues she has no choice but to deal with, but human to admit that it’s hard to deal with the reality that someone’s decision may put upon us and hope that all is not lost after divorce. As I say, this book is totally relatable to many, if not all of us.