By Design

By Design - Jayne Denker I liked this book a lot. It was a very enjoyable read with a great main character who I could not help but root for from the very beginning.
Emmie is looking for a life filled with love and happiness, and it seems to her that everyone around her has what she wants, not noticing they are all as flawed as she is, and in some instances, even more so. Emmie, however, has some issues in the confidence department and does not think she has what it takes to get what she wants out of life, and as a result she is taken advantage of – a lot.
Fortunately, she has a great group of friends who encourage her to take the initiative. What happens in some instances are downright laugh out loud funny and sometimes, not so much.
There is a little Emmie in all of us and we could all relate to her – in some way.