Love in Translation - Sara  Palacios I received a copy of Love in Translation by Sara Palacios in return for an honest review

I really liked Emily’s character, she was someone most of us could relate to on some level. She is totally blindsided by the breakup with her boyfriend and as a result goes through a time of self searching. Emily’s looking for love and realizes that she has always settled in her previous relationships and decides that pattern will be a thing of the past – no matter what, true love will come – with patience. Until then, she has a fulfilling job and fabulous friends who are always there for her to laugh and cry with – and that’s always a good thing!

Finally, she meets someone who opens her eyes to new possibilities and then it becomes complicated with her best friend. She struggles to find balance and between love and friendship and is so distraught when she finds it a lot harder than she thought – how do you hurt someone you love, to be with someone you love.

This book gets into the age old question i.e. can men and women be friends – without complications?

A great read with lots of heart.