The Love Wars

The Love Wars - L. Alison Heller I received a copy of The Love Wars by L. Alison Heller in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely loved this book, it kept me turning the pages until the very end.

Molly is an attorney at a top notch law firm in Manhattan with some really egotistical bosses and lots of long hours and the pay to go with it. Then – in walks the ex wife (Fern) of a really mean media mogul and Fern really needs someone to represent her because she is being alienated from her children by her ex-husband.

It was a very realistic representation of a child custody case, and I loved how Molly rose to the task. She wanted her “career” plans to work, but at what cost, with everything getting much more complicated than she anticipated. The other characters were spot on and there were some great surprises and I really loved the way the story played out.

I would absolutely recommend!