The Lost Husband: A Novel

The Lost Husband: A Novel - Katherine Center I received a copy of The Lost Husband by Katherine Center in exchange for an honest review.

This was a heartbreaking story of coming to grips with the loss of a loved one. Libby has a chance for a new beginning and a different lifestyle that comes in the way of an invitation from an aunt who she's never had the opportunity to know. Libby's Aunt Jean was so understanding and intuitive to the needs of Libby and her children and gave Libby the emotional support she needed and imparted some great wisdom as well.

Libby's struggle to be a good, supportive mother and move on after her husband's death was so sad. She lived her life in fear of the "what if" and we all know how debilitating that can be. She found friendship and support in some of the more unlikely people, who showed her a different perspective and at the end of it all - we all learn that all is never lost, there is always more life to be lived.