Book Review - First Sight by Laura Donohue

First Sight - Laura  Donohue

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Maddy Smith has a good life, two besties, a great apartment and writes for a Washington, DC magazine! Life is great with parties and friends, until one night while out she sets eyes on a handsome stranger, but she never has a chance to talk to him until he shows up at her office the very next workday. For Travis, the new guy in town, even though he and Maddy hit it off immediately, nothing seems to be moving along except a great friendship, then there is a misunderstanding and that may mean the end of the relationship that has never begun.  This was a sweet story where eyes lock across a crowded room and there is love at “first sight”. Sounds cliché, it’s not and I’m living proof of that! It was fun to read and reminisce along with the story of Maddy and Travis, and even though they both frustrated me at different points in the story I had no choice but to keep rooting for them both.  Cute, warm fuzzy story that will leave you with a smile, whether you want to believe in love at “first sight” or not!


Laura Donohue


Laura Donohue is a graduate of George Mason University. She spent ten years working as a technical writer and editor before publishing her first novel. She lives in Washington DC with her husband and daughter.


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