Between Friends

Between Friends - Amanda Cowen I received a copy of Between Friends by Amanda Cowen in exchange for an honest review.

Megan and Ben have been friends since they were children and they’re both getting ready to attend their friends’ destination wedding and during a friendly drink the night before their departure, Ben proposes a coin toss… If it’s heads they sleep together and then the coin is tossed - everything changes. Megan can’t believe that Ben could ever really feel the same way about her as she feels for him and can’t decide how to fix their friendship to have everything like it was before – they have always been the best friends – what should they do!!!

This was such a cute story, how could you not love it! It was fun to read, filled with neurotic friends and fun…. I love the friendship between Megan and Ben and I was rooting for them from the get-go, how could I not, they were truly nice people and they both deserved to kick their friendship up a notch. Their playful bantering and supportive friendship deserved to be so much more. It was absolutely charming!