For The Love of Cupcakes

For The Love of Cupcakes - anita kushwaha I received a copy of For the Love of Cupcakes in exchange for an honest review.
In this book we meet Priya Patel who dreams of having her own bakery one day. She’s completed her training and right now she is gaining experience at Sugarplum Fairy Cakes. The only thing is her boss, Helen Bouffant is anything but a “fairy” to her employees. An order is messed up and Helen blames Priya for it and she gets even more horrible, if that was all possible. Priya quits and with the encouragement of friends and family decides to go for her dream.
This book was “sweet” – filled with great characters and an amazing support group for Priya to help her make her dream come true. Helen was quite the “Cruella DeVille” of this story, she had some real issues for sure. I loved the recipes for the cupcakes , so this book would be a yummy read for the foodie in all of us – really who does not love cupcakes!