Where in the OM Am I?

Where in the OM Am I? - Sara DiVello I received a copy of Where in the OM Am I? by Sara DiVello in exchange for an honest review.

Sara has a corporate job but finds that she can’t escape the nagging feeling at the back of her mind, that says she does not belong. She tries yoga as a means to cope with the stresses of her job but she decides that what she really needs to do for herself is seek yoga training to help her find the peace she desperately seeks.

This book read like fiction although it is technically not. It chronicles Sara’s real life (for the most part), and goes between her corporate life and yoga training. There were definitely some thought provoking internal dialogue, but to balance the serious nature of the self-searching there were some hilarious pieces as well.

This author is definitely good, and this memoir is worth a read for sure. You may confirm, like most of us, that not everyone is as nice (or as enlightened) as they pretend to be and people are just people who for the most part could justify their behavior unless because they seem to feel entitled.