Where's the Groom?

Where's the Groom? - Sophie Meyer I received a copy of Where's the Groom? by Sophie Meyer in exchange for an honest review.

Ashley feels time is running out on her on the marriage front and with all her friends either getting engaged or planning a wedding, Ashley does not want to be left behind and she’s desperate. She’s invited to a workshop by a friend and both of them embark on a quest where they imagine they already have what they want – and act like it too!

This was a very funny story – I liked the characters and how especially in Ashley’s case the whole project seemed to gain a life of its own and everything just snowballed! The relationships between Ashley and her family and friends actually evolve while she is trying to balance planning her wedding with the perfect groom and keeping them from meeting the groom (who does not exist).

The end is great, truly fairy tale and I would totally recommend this book for a funny, light read.