When Girlfriends Make Choices

When Girlfriends Make Choices - Savannah Page I received a copy of When Girlfriends Make Choices by Savannah Page in exchange for an honest review.

What a tangled web we weave! Lara, what are you thinking?

This was an emotionally stressful story based on the subject matter. Lara, being the most level-headed one of the girls has herself caught up in an affair with a married man! I was so emotionally invested in this story that I actually wanted to go into the book and have a good chat with this girl because of her choices… She knows it’s wrong but she is such an emotional mess that she can’t seem to help herself, because she’s in love.

Thank goodness for her friends who aren’t afraid to tell her what they really think about the situation and to help pick her up when she needs it. The solution should be so simple really, but affairs of the heart never are.

A really good read about right and wrong and, like it or not, how our emotions can sometimes lead us to make the wrong choice.