If You Only Knew

If You Only Knew - Zanna Mackenzie received a copy of If You Only Knew by Zanna MacKenzie in exchange for an honest review.

Faith has sworn off men since her last relationship ended badly and she focuses totally on running her coffee shop. Then one day, in walks Zane and all her convictions fly out the window. Everything is going well and then his business partner arrives and to the horror of horrors, Zane’s business partner turns out to be Faith’s ex, Matt, who she has tried so hard to forget.

What a mess this was, I did like Faith and to be honest I could totally relate to her distrust where men were concerned, and Zane’s erratic behavior did not make anything easier. Added to all this stress, Matt being back in town and being the confusing mess that he was, she did quite well keeping her head screwed on the right way. Everyone seemed to have a secret and did not even realize that they were their own worst enemy. Everything could have been so much simpler!

Kept me guessing to the end – who knew?!