Everybody's Got a Story (Toronto Series) (Volume 12)

Everybody's Got a Story - Heather Wardell I received a copy of Everybody’s Got a Story by Heather Wardell in exchange for an honest review.

Alexa is still struggling to move on after the assault of her ex-boyfriend Christophe, and who can blame her – no one should ever have to deal with that. His assault affects Alexa in every facet of her life, both work and personal.

This was such a heart-breaking story and I could not help but feel absolutely saddened for Alexa and what she was dealing with, emotionally, mentally and physically. This book brought the long lasting effects on victims of assault to the forefront and the reality of the lasting feeling of being a victim can in fact for some, last for a lifetime. This book is a great read, but not a light one.