Shake Down the Stars

Shake Down the Stars - Renee Swindle I received a copy of Shake Down the Stars by Renee Swindle in exchange for an honest review.

Since the death of her young daughter and her subsequent divorce Piper is afloat in a world of guilt. She can’t move on even though her ex-husband seems to have done so…. She is consumed by guilt and clings to the past with a suffocating vengeance.

This was a very well-written book and it was heartbreakingly emotional to see the angst in Piper’s life. I would say though that it was very frustrating as well to see her self destructive behavior. Piper had very little family support and most of her healing came through friends who gave her what she needed to help her move on, sometimes friends can be the family you never had.

This was a great read, not light at all and very emotional as we enter Piper’s world.