Playing Tyler (Strange Chemistry)

Playing Tyler - T. L. Costa Tyler is a teen boy who feels like he has to take care of his brother Brandon, who is in rehab again and his mother who can’t seem to move on since the death of his father and her son Brandon who does not seem to be able to kick his drug habit. Tyler spends his time gaming trying to escape reality and he is recruited by his mentor Rick to test out a new game and then he meets the game’s designer and falls for her. Then things start getting strange with the game and he can’t figure out what’s real…..
This writer totally captures the imagination of the gaming teen and their world. It was an exciting story and an absolute page turner. I could feel Tyler’s feeling of being overwhelmed with the stress of looking after his brother and mother. Sometimes I could feel his mental anguish having to deal with his ADHD which the author portraying very realistically like his rambling thoughts which would not stop and he could not stop it, but then he had so much to think about really. This is very modern day story with some twists which could make for a really good movie.