Is This Tomorrow: A Novel

Is This Tomorrow: A Novel - Caroline Leavitt I received a copy of Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt in exchange for an honest review.
Ava Lark is trying to make a life for herself and her twelve year old son, Lewis, in a suburban Boston neighborhood. As a divorcee in the 1950s life is somewhat difficult and being a single working mother only made some of the other neighbors view Ava with suspicion. When one of her son’s closest friends disappear the neighbor jump at another excuse to make life for Ava and her son, Lewis even worse.
This book was one of the most emotional I have ever read and very thought provoking. Any parent reading this is absolutely sent to a part of their “cannot go there” horror. There were quite some twists and turns that nothing could have prepared me for and I felt so sad for Ava having to live a life that was not of her making and the blame her son placed on her for a situation he, as a child, could surely not understand. The prejudices against Ava, both for being divorced and Jewish was at a time when there was so little tolerance for the plight of others, maybe to some degree, has our world evolved much? But the fortitude Ava showed in the face of the odds placed against her was admirable for sure. It was good to see the children, Lewis and Rose grow up, but so sad when the truth was found… it makes me wonder if the truth would always set us free?? Not light reading, but very well written.