Love and Other Subjects

Love and Other Subjects - Kathleen Shoop Carolyn Jenkins is a teacher in an urban school and she is finding it very difficult to reach the children in her class. They children have difficulty in accepting anyone can care about them and their circumstances. Carolyn also is seemingly infatuated with a man she meets by chance and wonders if it is the love she has been seeking.
This book was great, Carolyn’s two roommates are very strong women in their own way. They all try to make a difference and are also struggling to find their way in this life. I love their support for each other with their penchant for telling each other the truth. In some ways their personalities were a little too strong, but hey, no one is perfect, even in books. This brings to light the difficulties some teachers face to inspire our children to learn and also it is not a profession for the emotionally fragile.