Royal Secrets

Royal Secrets - Kathleen Irene Paterka I received a copy of Royal Secrets by Kathleen Irene Paterka in exchange for an honest review.
Lily Lavender was born and raised in Las Vegas by her mother, Mimi, but while growing up Lily decided she wanted nothing to do with the promise of “Happily Ever After” that her mother’s business “The Royal Wedding Chapel of Las Vegas” has to offer. She’s a single mother herself, and her daughter, Tori shares the passion her grandmother has for the Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas and decides to run away from home and go to Las Vegas to help her grandmother. Obviously Lily has no choice but to go to Las Vegas to get her daughter, and so begins the drama that’s brought to life when Lily returns to her hometown to bring her daughter back.
The characters were well thought out and the hatred Lily felt towards her mother was depressingly real, as was the relationship between Lily and her daughter, Tori. Although Tori was a teenager, she seemed to have the most realistic grasp of everything that was going on around her because her mother’s hatred clouded her judgment in so many ways. Eventually Lily realizes that not everything is what it seems, and for the most part she has seriously misjudged the people around her and their motivations. This book is about the lengths a family will go to protect their own and how forgiveness and having an open heart can change your life.