The Mermaid of Brooklyn: A Novel

The Mermaid of Brooklyn - Amy Shearn Jenny’s husband has gone missing after telling her he would be making a short stop after work. The horror of it all, that would be for most of us, but for Jenny, not so much.
I really liked this was an excellent. I like Jenny, in some ways her attitude of resignation because of her circumstances, because she could not change it at the time, would perhaps be mine too. She is struggling to make sense of all that she “knows” and is going through a huge range of emotions trying to sort out her predicament – being a “single” mom (missing husband) in New York, with two young kids – when it looks like everyone’s life may be going just hunky-dory when hers is just at the brink of a precipice.
I found this story to be very thought provoking and I felt such a empathy for Jenny trying to re-think life, because don’t we all want to do that sometimes?