Wedding Night

Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella I really loved this book. Lottie is devastated when she realizes her current boyfriend, Richard, had no intention of proposing to her, like she thought. So after her teenage boyfriend, Ben, expresses an interest to pick up where they left off, she is thinking that she has a chance of marriage and a family, which she thinks is being quite elusive, especially since she is still single at thirty.

Lottie and her sister, Fliss share an almost, mother/daughter, relationship, and I think Fliss knows Lottie better than she knows herself. Lottie is a romantic at heart and it goes to the point of being unrealistic and Fliss is the practical one, which would explain the nature of the relationship between them.

The personalities were all well developed and I especially liked Lorcan and Richard, especially because how clueless can a guy be, though I did not know what to think at the beginning, they turned out to be way more likeable than Ben.

I think this book would make a really funny movie - I could see it on the big screen, with some scenes being roll on the floor funny!