Finding Out: A Novel

Finding Out: A Novel - Sheryn MacMunn I received a copy of Finding Out by Sheryn MacMunn for an honest review.

I loved this book!

I think this book is about friendship, strength and courage. The character Sheila struggles with her relationship that comes to an abrupt end and her inability to move on was something we could all relate to in some form. I fell in love with Ruth, her elderly neighbour. Oh, what can we learn from listening to the voice of experience is astounding. The characters are so rich it was so easy to be drawn into the emotions that this book evokes.

This book was so heartwrenching at some points, but the ultimate message was no matter how things may seem in your own life – it could always be so much worse. There were parts of this book that I actually sobbed and some parts that totally brought a smile to my face.

Courage, friendship and life and hope. How friendships can enrich a life.