The One and Only

The One and Only - Emily Giffin Book Review - The One & Only by Emily Giffin Shea Rigsby is an American football fanatic and one of the hugest supports of Walker, Texas' high school football team.  After the death of a close family friend Shea starts to re-assess different areas of her life because she realizes the truth "life is short".  She then embarks on some life changes in her career and begins her quest to find love.  She thinks the changes are for the better, but as time goes on, she wonders if everyone and everything is as it seems.  I really enjoyed this book, a lot!  Shea's whole life is consumed by American football, a little on the extreme side if you ask me - but you didn't, did you?  She practically worships the high school coach and some of the guys who went professional she's known since high school.  I liked Shea's character, although I have to question some of her choices.  This book is about family, friends, loyalty and love and there were many twists that made it interesting with a surprising ending