The Last Time I Saw You

The Last Time I Saw You - Eleanor Moran Olivia’s best friend Sally, from college has died in a car crash and she is devastated. Death is so final and Olivia is having a very difficult time trying to grieve since the relationship did not end well. Sally’s personality was always erratic and it seemed that Olivia was always trying to compete for Sally’s affections. Attending the funeral was a very eye opening experience when Olivia learns that Sally named her only daughter after Olivia, since they were no longer close and Sally’s husband seemed to be someone that Sally would not likely be attracted to – had her friend changed that much since they parted ways? This book was a mystery from the get-go. It was easy to see how Olivia got caught up in Sally’s manipulative personality and so did everyone else. Sally’s selfishness was epic, she always seemed to never take responsibility for her actions and her husband seemed to caught up in the same web of confusion that Olivia was. When Olivia finds some information regarding Sally just prior to her death, she is once again thrown for a loop and the growing friendship with Olivia and Sally’s husband complicates everything even more. This book was happy in a sad way, and that makes no sense, people are torn in loyalty to Sally because of who she was, yet they know she was not the most honest person. This story shows how the people we meet in life can sometimes change the way we view ourselves and the world without us knowing it or not.